General use of the app

What is NVITE?

NVITE is a social and dating app that connects you to like-minded people through date-plan invitations. NVITE app is designed to enhance your social lifestyle by matching you with compatible people with whom you have mutual interest in social activities. 

Who is the app for?

NVITE is designed for people who value their time, tired of endlessly swiping faces and are frustrated with the online dating experience. NVITE is an exclusive dating and social app for ambitious and inspiring people looking to connect to like minded people in an effortless way. 

How does it work?

Swipe and join date invitations posted by others or browse curated venues and propose date-plans. Connect to quality people with whom you have common interests, chat and confirm plans. Go out on amazing dates, discover trending venues and share new experiences together.

How do I create a date plan (proposal)?

Creating a plan is easy and getting compatible matches is even easier. To create a plan navigate to the top right button on the main screen to access “My plans” dashboard. Click on “Create a plan” icon. Then, browse and select your preferred place from a list of curated venues. Choose date and time you want to go out and press “Create Plan”. Please not that you do not always require to make a reservation as many of our partner venues are walk in only. You can create up to 3 plans at a time.

Who will see my plan (proposal)?

Once you create the plan, all compatible people who match your search preferences will be notified. We do not share the plan with all users and it will only be visible to those with whom you share mutual interests and who satisfy your dating preferences. 

Why I don't see any plans?

You may not see plans that other users propose on your main screen because your search preferences may be too narrow. Try widening your search preferences or updating your profile and see if you start receiving new plans. If you still don’t see any new plans, try to create a plan yourself and start getting matches from people who want to join you.

It NVITE free to use?

NVITE is free to use and is available to download on the App and Google Stores.

Safety & security

Why do you need my Facebook or Linkedin details?

We require users to either have a Facebook or Linkedin profile to register and login to the app. Safety and security of users is our top priority and we are determined to maintain a well balanced community of people. 

Why is there a waiting list?

Each member is verified to eliminate fake or inappropriate profiles. If you have any questions about our verification process email us at hello@nviteapp.com.

Can I delete my account?

You can delete your account and all associated information at any time from the Settings menu. 

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