NVITE is a social & dating app that connects like-minded and compatible people through curated venues and experiences.


Browse curated venues

Choose a venue, whether you fancy a late night dinner date or a morning coffee get together. Select date and time and propose the plan to people who match your tastes.

Create and propose plans
Swipe plans


Swipe dates and connect

Receive 5 daily date invitations from compatible people and swipe left to express interest. Once a match, chat and go out together. Bottom line is you always know what you signed up for.


Meet up with awesome people

Whatever the plan: a romantic evening with someone who loves seafood as much as you, indulging in conversation over coffee or a visit to that gallery you always wanted to, make it effortless and fun with NVITE.

Chat and manage the plan

Curated venues at your fingertips

Discover 100s of curated venues and experiences. Be in control of where and how you date



Fine Dining

Casual Eats